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Announcing: Regent College Summer School

April 5, 2011

Regent College in Vancouver, BC offers a tremendous range of one or two week courses during their summer session. Classes are offered with some of the foremost evangelical scholars of our day – like Alister McGrath, Bruce Waltke, Marva Dawn and Chris Wright – in the areas of theology, art, missions, spirituality, history, Bible studies, church leadership, marketplace theology  and much more.  If you’re pursuing a graduate degree, some of these courses may well transfer over – and not just in theology or Biblical studies. If you’re considering a career or vocational change, some of these courses will help you sort through those issues. If you’re simply seeking personal enrichment this summer in one of the world’s most liveable cities, check out Regent’s Summer School website for more course details, registration info, free audio and video of lecturers, and much more.

In the story of the recent renewed interest in the arts and aesthetics amongst Christians, Regent College occupies a special place as one of the earliest institutions to develop a graduate degree focused on the relationship between Christianity and the arts.  Here is a list of those courses that might fall under the heading “Christianity and the arts”:

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